TV Shows

Among a few shows i'm into include Camp Lazlo, Twipsy, The Buzz on Maggie and Pingu, just naming a few. I also dig pretty much anything made by C.H. Greenblatt and/or Naomi Iwata.

Video Games

Among a few games/game franchises i'm into include Rhythm Heaven, WarioWare, Star Fox, Meteos, Club Penguin, and of course, Spotto. (Yes, i'm a huge Nintendo guy. No making stupid questions.) I mostly enjoy/know about more obscure/Widget-y titles (Does anyone in this godforsaken website know what Kiki Trick or Kuruma de DS is?) just so you know.


I don't care a lot about music too much but anything made by the Japanese i likey. Some artists i've listened tidbits of and enjoyed include The NaB's, M-Rie (Rie Miyajima), Baby M, Tsunku and ACDC.


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